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Dog Walking in St. Augustine

Dog Days & Cat Naps offers midday dog walking services in the surrounding areas of St. Augustine, Jacksonville and Palm Coast.

Dog Daily Walk, Exercise and Playtime

Dogs can easily get bored when left alone for long periods of time. Dog Days & Cat Naps ensures that your dog gets its daily walk, playtime, exercise and the attention that it deserves while you’re away.

We normally visit dogs during midday hours (from Monday to Friday, 12-2pm) but we would be happy to adjust our visits as per your schedules.

We ensure that your dog doesn’t get bored while you’re away


Dog Walking St. Augustine

Midday Dog Walking

Dog Walking St. Augustine

Pet transportation

Dog Walking St. Augustine

Private Boarding

Midday Dog Walking

Dog Days & Cat Naps offers professional midday dog walking services for all pet owners. Whether you’re at work or going for holidays, you can trust us to visit your dog and provide the necessary attention, care and exercise that it needs.

Rest assured that we can quickly familiarize ourselves with your pet’s favorite toys, play spots and potty areas.

Providing the necessary attention, care and exercise that your dog needs


Dog Walking St. Augustine
Dog Walking St. Augustine
Dog Walking St. Augustine

Our Dog Walking Service Includes:

  • 30-minute walk
  • Playtime and attention in a fenced yard
  • Fresh water and treats
  • Leash training for puppies (on request)
  • Command training (on request)
  • Home check
  • Turning on/off alarms

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