Caring for Florida pets since 2000!

Currently Serving Jacksonville, Orange Park, Green Cove Springs, Fleming Island, Ponte Vedra and St. Augustine.

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Our Rates

Price List

Pet Sitting Visits​

The "Standard Poodle" (30 min) - $25

Our most popular visit, great for most healthy adult dogs and cats.
All pet care and home care included.

  • $25/1 pet
  • $30/2 pets
  • $35/3 pets.

The "Maine Coon" visit (45 min) - $30

An extended visit, great for an extra walk or playtime.

All pet care and home care included.

  • $30/1 pet
  • $35/2 pets
  • $40/3 pets

The "Teacup" visit (15 min) - $20

Exception basis only.  A short visit, perfect for a shy kitty or quick potty break for your pup while you are away for a short time.  

Limited pet care, no home care.  

  • $20/1 pet
  • $25/2 pets
  • $30/3 pets.

The "Great Dane" visit (60 min) - $35

A full hour with your pets.

Lots of extra time, extra TLC, extra pet care and home care, as requested.

  • $35/1 pet
  • $40/2 pets
  • $45/3 pets.

Dog Walking Visits

"Walk the Dog" visit (20 min) - $20

A midday walk on leash or playtime/potty-time in the yard. Treats, fresh water, TLC.  

No home care.
M-F 11am - 3pm.

  • $20/1 dog
  • $25/2 dogs
  • $30/3 dogs.

Overnight Pet Care

Overnight Pet Sitting - $85

Have a pet sitter sleep over at your house to provide companionship for your pet. A 10-hour stay, including the evening visit and morning

Usually 9pm – 7am. Midday visits available for an additional fee.

Includes 1-2 pets. Add $5 each additional pet.  

$85/1-2 pets, $90/3 pets, $95/4 pets.

Private Dog Boarding - $55

Let your dog stay with us in our pet-friendly home. Dogs must be housebroken, nonaggressive, and not destructive. Charged per
24 hours. If pick up time is after the 24 hour time period then a doggie daycare fee will be applied (see pricing below).

Drop-off and pick-up times are flexible. $25 each additional dog.  

$55/1 dog, $80/2 dogs

Other Services

Live-In Care - $130

One of our pet sitters will live at your home as if it is their own. This service guarantees your pets will never be alone for more than 4 hours at a time. Booked as 24-hour periods.

Includes 2 pets. Add $5 each additional pet.

$130/1-2 pets, $135/3 pets, $140/4 pets.

Doggie Daycare - $35

Need your dog to stay in our home for the day?

Private doggie daycare is available. Normally 7am - 6pm.

$10 each additional dog.

$35/1 dog, $45/2 dogs.

Pooper Scooper Service - $20

Weekly, residential poop pick-up. You work hard all week - let us clean up your yard before your weekend festivities.

$5 each additional dog.

$20/1 dog, $25/2 dogs.

Custom quotes available for Hotel Pet Sitting, Wedding Pet Care,
Hourly Pet Sitting, and House Sitting (no pets).

Have questions? Text us at (904) 241-7387

Additional Fees

New Client Consultations: FREE (This includes meeting your pet sitter, discussing all of your pet care needs, and confirming your preference for how your pet sitter will access your home.)

Key Lock-Boxes: $10.00 each (Yours to keep, and recommended so that your primary and back-up  sitters always have access to your home to care for your pets.)

Holiday Pet Sitting: $5.00 extra for visits and walks, and $10.00 extra for all other services. (New Years Eve, New Years Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day.)

Key Pick-Up or Drop-Off: $8.00 (Charged if your pet sitter needs to make a separate trip to pick-up your key before pet sitting begins or to drop-off your key after visits are completed.)

Cancellation Fee: varies (Recurring midday dog walking clients should cancel by 8:00am, at least 4 hours before their scheduled walk. If less than 4 hours’ notice is provided, then full price applies.Vacation pet sitting clients should provide 24-hours’ notice. If 24-hours’ notice is not provided, then half price (50%) applies to those visits falling within the 24-hour time frame. On major holidays, 72-hours’  notice of cancellation is required, or cancellation fees apply. Non-refundable deposits will be required for pet sitting on major holidays.)

Review Meeting with Established Pet Sitter:  $15.00 per visit per sitter (Not charged if you are assigned a new sitter.)

Meds: Free (There will be a fee for lengthy treatments, such as subcutaneous fluid treatments, and for particularly resistant pets.)

Excessive Pet Mess Clean-Up: varies (Loose stool needing to be scrubbed out of carpet, vomit, excessive urination in the house, etc.)

Extensive Watering of Plants/Grass: $5.00 per watering (Watering new sod, outdoor shrubs and flowers, extensive indoor or outdoor potted plants.)

We strive to offer quality pet care at reasonable rates that can fit in everyone’s budget. We feel that our rates are competitive and reflect our professionalism and high level of care that our pet sitters give to your pets and home.

 “Hobby” pet sitters may charge less, but also may not take the care of your pets and home seriously.  We realize that you have many choices when it comes to the care of your pet-family members, and we appreciate you considering us.

We hope that you will choose our service for a number of reasons:

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with our pet care service, please contact us right away so that we can remedy the situation.

If we cannot gain your complete satisfaction, we will refund your money.

Personalized service

Even though we have a large staff, we assign one pet sitter to your household so that you and your pets can establish and maintain a personal relationship with your pet sitter.

Exceptions may be made if you require pet sitting 4+ times per day (then we may need to split the pet sitting between two sitters), or if you need pet sitting at a very specific time of day when your primary sitter is unavailable.

Most pet sitters will give you their home/cell phone numbers so that you may call to check on your pets while you’re away.

Jacksonville and St. Augustine, FL area, not just one or two communities, and if your primary pet sitter is booked up, sick, or out of town, we will provide a back-up sitter to care for your pets; we will never cancel a confirmed pet sitting assignment last minute and leave you in a bind.

Courtesy phone call or text on the first visit of your pet sitting assignment

Your pet sitter will call you on the first visit of every pet sitting assignment.

This is just a courtesy call to let you know that the sitter has started pet sitting and that you can rest assured that your pets are being well cared for.

If you would like more phone calls from your sitter, just let them know!

Pet Care Reports

When you arrive home from your trip, there will be a Pet Care Report on your counter from your pet sitter detailing how your pets were while you were away.

It will have a checklist of what pet/home care was done, and handwritten notes about how your pets did with their pet sitter.

Availability, service area, and back-up pet sitters

We have a staff of caring, responsible, qualified pet care providers who have good availability for pet sitting appointments.

We service most of the greater Jacksonville and St. Augustine, FL area.

Liability and bonding insurance

All of our pet sitters are covered under a comprehensive pet sitters’ insurance policy in the case of negligence on their part for anything in their “care, custody, and control,” including everything in your home and your pets.

They are also covered under a Bonding policy in case of theft.

Our coverage limits are the maximum allowed by our group insurance company, and we have never made a claim on our insurance.

Thorough employment screening

All of our pet sitters go through a thorough interview process which includes a personal interview with the business owner or manager.

A complete application is on file for every pet sitter which includes personal identifying information.

All pet sitters sign a release authorizing a complete background check including an employment reference check, a personal character reference check (including credit), and a criminal background check through ADP Screening and Selection Services.

In addition, all pet sitters sign a Drug Authorization release (which allows them to be drug-tested at any time at the discretion of the company) and a thorough Independent Contractor’s agreement and training manual, outlining rules and expectations of the company.

Business office hours

Our office hours vary as we are a mobile pet sitting service caring for pets throughout the day and evening.

We check voicemail regularly, and communicate often through email. Please leave us a message or send us an email.

We may need to call you back in the evening to confirm your pet sitting reservation after we speak with your pet sitter.

Included in our rates:

Pet Sitting

Pet Care:

Feeding, refilling fresh water, and providing lots of love and attention for your pets.

A walk outside or playtime / pottytime in the yard for dogs. Playtime inside for cats, ferrets, etc. (as tolerated).

Washing pets’ dishes, giving treats, clean-up of indoor pet messes, including litter boxes, and administering medications.

Complimentary pet care report, outlining how the pet care visit went.

And a courtesy phone call or text on the first visit to let you know that everything is fine.

Home Care:

Bringing in mail/newspapers/packages, watering indoor plants, and putting out a standard amount of trash on trash day.

Turning on/off home alarm systems, turning on/off lights inside and outside the home, opening/closing shades or blinds, checking inside the home for anything unusual, adjusting the a/c or heat, and flushing toilets / running faucets, if requested.

Dog Walking

Our midday dog walking service includes:

  • a 30-minute walk for your dog, or
  • a short walk outside plus playtime and attention inside or in a fenced yard
  • fresh water
  • treats, if requested
  • assisting with leash training for puppies, if requested
  • assisting with command training, if requested
  • home check
  • turning on / off home alarms
Dog Walking St. Augustine