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Pet Transportation

Does your dog need his annual check-up? Is it time for your kitties to see the vet? Afghan Hound need a trim? Your chihuahua need a pedicure?

We can help!

Allow us take your pet to the vet, groomer, or to a friend’s house for a sleepover!

We have pet sitters all over Jacksonville, St. Augustine and Florida, so it is no problem for us to pick up your pup and drive him or her to another location.

We will pick your pet up from your house, and drive him to your specified location.

We can stay with her at the vet appointment, if needed, or return to pick her up after her grooming appointment.

Then, we will drop him off to your home – clean, happy and healthy – often times, before you even return home from work!

Please note that depending on the type of pet and/or their behavior while driving, we may need to use a crate/carrier to transport your pet.