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House Sitting

Leaving your property empty for a long period of time is not a good idea.

Not only is your vacant house more likely to be vandalized or burglarized but your homeowner's insurance may be affected if your home is left empty while you are away.

It may seem easier to lock your house up and simply walk (or drive) away rather than go through the process of finding a house sitter, but your home is probably your most valuable asset and, as such, deserves the protection that a house sitter can offer. 

One broken window can make your house enormously attractive to those who would take pleasure from breaking the rest, but not if your house sitter is on the job and quickly arranges for a replacement.

With a house sitter, you won’t have to prepare your house for vacancy. The amount of work required to prepare your home for your absence can be a daunting prospect. 

Allow us to give your home a lived-in look while you’re away. We can pick up mail and newspapers, take packages inside, put out trash and recycling, flush toilets, switch lights, run sprinklers, water plants, and anything else you may need. Whether you are on vacation for a week or two, or at your second home for the summer

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In addition, house sitters can check to make sure that the appliances and electronics are working properly. 

In the lightning capital of the world, lightning strikes often cause power outages. Refrigerators and freezers may not work and will cause food spoilage. Alarm systems may need to be reset. Computers may need to be turned back on for remote access.

We are happy to help with your house sitting needs.

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Many homeowners rely on neighbors, friends or relatives to ‘keep an eye out’ for them or ‘pop in’ to their empty property. Unfortunately, some neighbors are too busy with their own homes, children and pets and things may become neglected or forgotten.