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Meet Our Sitters

We are proud to have a team of caring and responsible pet sitters who absolutely LOVE pets. All of us have pets of our own, and many of us have professional veterinary experience and/or years of experience caring for friends’ and family’s beloved pets.  Most of our team has been certified in American Red Cross pet first aid.

We have over 60 pet sitters up and down the East Coast of Florida.  Scroll down to see an image, the sitter’s name and location. 

Please note that we assign pet sitters based on service area (clients are assigned the sitter who lives nearest to them). 

Dog Walking St. Augustine




Megan M. in Jacksonville

My name is Megan & a bigger animal lover you will not find!  I moved to Jacksonville from Orlando 2 years ago to be closer to my grandkids.  I love animals of all kinds and grew up having a variety of pets.  I have always wanted to work with animals so after retiring from the transportation industry, I decided it was time to do what I love.  DogDays & CatNaps has given me that opportunity & are a great team to work with.  When caring for your pets, I go above and beyond peoples expectations!  I currently have 1 dog & 4 cats which are all rescues.


Joe Z. in St. Augustine

I am a Pennsylvania native, spent most of my adult life in Northern Virginia and have lived in St. Augustine for twelve years.  My career was spent in health care administration and I am now retired.  I have had a dog and/or cat for all of my life ( I received my first dog, a beagle, when I was 5).  I have three grown sons.  When they were young and living at home each one had a pet; two dogs and at least one cat at all times.  I have two chocolate labs at the present time.  I am and always have been an animal lover.  I love working for Dog Days and Cat Naps and look forward to caring for your fur/feather babies.

Matt D. in Jacksonville

I am the Head of Operations at Dog Days & Cat Naps and I have been pet sitting for many years. I am a certified Veterinary Support Assistant and I have certifications in Pet First Aid/CPR, Animal Psychology, Pet Nutrition, Animal Training and Pet Sitting. I have rescued, fostered and adopted many animals in my lifetime. I began caring for my family's dogs and cats at a young age. As I grew up, my experience caring for animals broadened from dogs and cats, to reptiles, rodents, birds and fish. I currently have 4 dogs and 4 cats that I spoil rotten and I promise to treat your pets as if they were my own.



Lisa P. in Jacksonville

Hi everyone! My name is Lisa and I have been with Dog Days and Cat Naps for over 10 years. I mainly pet sit in the Intracoastal area but I have and will go wherever I’m needed…to the Beaches, Southside, Arlington and beyond! I love all pets and I am an avid cat person and have several of my own. My husband Jim also pet sits and dog walks in the Intracoastal West/Beaches areas.


Jaypee A. in Nocatee

CEO of Dog Days & Cat Naps.


Amanda B. in St. Johns

Reservations Manager at Dog Days & Cat Naps



Elizabeth F. in Jacksonville

Elizabeth is an educator and pet lover. She recently moved to Jacksonville from Athens GA and has been working for Dog Days since August 2017. Elizabeth has been pet sitting on and off for nearly a decade. 


Hannah C. in Jacksonville

My name is Hannah and I am a huge animal lover! I currently have two dogs, two kittens, and three birds. However, I have worked with a raised a multitude of animals. Animals have always been an important part of my life and I plan to incorporate them into my career in behavioral psychology for which I am currently in school for. Whether your animals are furry, feathered, scaley, or anything else I would be thrilled to take care of them for you! 



Georgeanne S. in Jacksonville

My name is Georgeanne! I have been working as a pet sitter for about 2 years. I began in this business back in Michigan which is my home state. I love the extra time I get to spend with the animals in the this job. I do dog walking, pet sitting(daily visits), and overnight sitting. My full time job is as a personal trainer so the flexibility of that job allows me to work at Dog Days and Cat Naps which is awesome! I would love for the opportunity to care for your pet and keep them happy while you are away!


Ariel H. in West Palm Beach

Hi, my name is Ariel. My whole life I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by all sorts of animals. I’m a huge cat and dog lover ,they are my favorites, but I’ve also worked with more exotic animals. My family are animal lovers and I was raised that way as well. Pets are family to me. I love being able to work with animals.



Olivia H. in Ponte Vedra

Hi, my name is Olivia. I have never lived in a home without a dog or cat in the past 36 years :) I love animals! I have a 4 year old lab/golden retriever mix named "Rhapsody" and a cat, "Lucy". What I love about our pets is that they remind us to slow down & take peaceful moments. And most of all, they remind us to laugh and not take life so seriously! 



Mary Kay in Jacksonville

Upon retiring from 39 years as an elementary school teacher I wanted to stay active. I am already involved in doing music with my husband at community and church events. However, I wanted to do something else that would be giving and positive. I've always had at least one pet, usually more, since I was nine years old. I really wanted to work with animals, any kind! At the time, the Zoo didn't have openings for non-biology majors but then I found Dog Days and Cat Naps! I was very impressed with their professionalism, integrity and caring attitude. Now, that I work for them I am so glad to be a part of their team and love what I do!


Donna H. in St. Johns

I live off of the 210 corridor in St John's County. I am a new addition to Dog Days & Cat Naps (2014) and I am so happy to be a member of their team!

Adam H. in St. Augustine

My family always owned dogs while I was growing up. I’m very comfortable around dogs and cats. I really enjoy being around animals. I love to exercise and people are always telling me I have a special connection with their pets. Very often people have expressed surprise that their pets like me so much as they usually don’t like strangers. I am currently a student working on my degree.



Novella M. in St Augustine

Hello I'm Novella and I love animals! I l care for all animals as if they were my own! I ensure every animal is cared and loved while their owner is away! 

Jessica J. in Riverside

I am an animal lover! Dogs and cats (along with some hamsters and fish) have always been a part of my life. Presently I have 2 dogs and 3 cats, plus I feed a wide variety of feral cats on my front porch. I love all of their unique personalities and the companionship they provide. Pet-sitting provides me with the opportunity to give others what I know is appreciated during their time away: food (of course!), love and attention.

Iryna N. in in Mandarin

I was born in Ukraine. I was a dancer, then I was a dance teacher. But I always loved animals. I have worked as a pet sitter for over 10 years with Dog Days & Cat Naps and I am really enjoying my job. I love to dance, hike, to play piano, to read a book and more. I am the owner of 2 dogs, 3 cats, and 2 birds.


Chadea R. in Jacksonville

Hi! I work as a Veterinary Technician full time. I have 1 dog, Emerald, and 2 cats, Diamond and Crystal. I've been working in the veterinary field for over 10 years and I am currently in school working towards my Bachelor's in Veterinary Management. I have been pet sitting with Dog Days for many years and will take excellent care of your furry family members!


Lisa L. in Jacksonville Beach

Hi, I'm Lisa. I have been pet sitting for Dog Days for one and half years. I have trained and showed dogs in obedience in the past. I also showed horses years ago and love all animals... I have three dogs and a cat so I know how much love your fur babies need while you're not with them... :)


Lauren H. in Gainesville

Hello everyone, I'm Lauren, mommy to two children and three furry, cat babies! I got my first cat from the Gainesville Humane Society over 4 years ago; the other 2 I rescued as one-day-old kittens from my backyard, nursed them, and raised them to be my spoiled little shadows that they are today. I have been pet sitting with Dog Days since March 2014. I have a love and respect for all animals, and, if I have the pleasure of taking care of your own furry babies, I will always treat them like they were my own!